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10 July
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If I told you anything about myself, I would have to kill you. Let's leave it as, 'greatest man that ever lived...well, *lives*'


Wouldn't you just love to know.


The modern world.


Edison and the Cabal (on their good days).

This is a RP journal for Sanctuary... below is the basic profile for Nikola Tesla for reference

Player Info


LJ: ellymelly

Contact Info:
ellymellyvids@hotmail.com OR elly@zenucom.com

Character Info

Character Name: Nikola Tesla (lj nikolat3sla )

Fandom: Sanctuary

Gender: Male

Age (apparent and/or actual):
officially: 86 actual: 153 (and lookin' good)

Appearance (link to an image if you want):
<<<PHOTO>>> Tall, slender with dark hair and the occasional moustache depending upon the century. He has a preference for 19th century attire including finely woven suits and silk neckties. Most likely to be seen in dark colours and long coats. Despite his quite considerable age, Nikola looks to be around his late thirties, early forties thanks to the effects of vampire blood. When in his vampiric form, Nikola's eyes are dark black orbs, his teeth protrude in a sharp grin and his skin pales even more until he looks quite inhuman.

Personality: Loves to give offence whenever the opportunity passes his way - he specialises in sharp lines and offhand insults. Detests dirt in an obsessive way, is best friends with a pigeon and turns on the charm when necessary - usually to get something that he needs from Helen. He is forever wounded by the way history has forgotten him and holds these historical grudges out in the open. His work is his obsession and his life whose only distraction is his desire to recreate the vampire race and possibly destroy humanity - or maybe just rule it. He has a photographic memory and rarely records anything for the benefit of others, preferring to keep his secrets closely guarded.

Occupation/Moonlight Occupation:
Scientist, engineer.

Special Abilities (if any):
Vampire - immortality, quick healing, special affinity with electricity, sharp claws...

Weaknesses (if any):
Helen Magnus.

Specialized Education (if any):
electrical engineering at the Austrian Polytechnic in Graz (1875) : Charles-Ferdinand University in Prague (1880) :

Character History: Born on the stroke of midnight between the 10th and 11th of July, 1856 in Smiljan, Austrian Empire, the midwife claimed him to be the, 'child of the storm!'. Nikola quickly lived up to this title, pursuing science from a very early age. When he was five years old his brother was killed by a horse rearing up on him and since then, Nikola has been tormented by this memory.

He entered work at a young age, moving to Paris (where he added French to his wide repertoire of languages) and worked at Continental Edison Company creating possibly his most important invention, the induction motor. No-one is really sure when he met with and became a member of 'The Five' but somewhere between Paris and New York, Nikola participated in a dangerous experiment in which pure vampire blood was injected into their veins and each of them developed traits related to the original vampire species. Nikola however, appeared to have vampire lineage and thus appeared to regress into a full vampire - a state which he can bring on at will.

Later in life he worked in New York for first Thomas Edison (now arch rival) and later Westinghouse where he was a major player in the 'War of the Electric Currents' which he won. After losing his life's work in a suspicious fire, he started again and eventually became known as one of the most important men living in the world. Moving on from that, he slipped into more daring experiments until he was forced into seclusion, no longer wishing to engage in the time consuming process of making himself look old. Eventually he enlists the help of Dr. Helen Magnus to fake his death and save his work from falling into Cabal hands.

On the 7 January 1943, they carry through with their plan and Nikola Tesla is found 'dead' and some of his not important work confiscated by the FBI leaving next to nothing for the Cabal to soak up. Following his fake death, Nikola moved to Rome, setting up laboratories under the ancient city. He remained there for a considerable time, investing his time not in electrician engineering, but in researching the dark history of the vampire race and eventual development of methods to resurrect them.

The Cabal eventually discover his location and Nikola is forced out of hiding to seek the help of Helen Magnus. After, shall we say, complications in his plan, John Druitt (aka Jack the Ripper) nearly kills him and he once again disappears only to resurface several months later in the ancient city of Bhalasaam where he helps to retrieve an ancient sample of vampire blood. One can only guess at his motivations but it is doubtful that they are completely benevolent.

Role-playing sample (at least 100 words, please): Nikola paced about the office with a superior air, wiping his hands calmly on a lace handkerchief. He was intrigued by the invitation but not trusting enough to believe that she could have anything but ulterior motives in calling him at this late hour. No doubt there was some missing piece of research she needed or a set of sharp claws at her disposal.

"And what service shall it be this evening?" he asks, seating himself in Helen's chair. It was beneath him to approach any of the other seats in the room, besides, she seemed content to pace about her office, pausing at the fireplace to stoke it into action.

There were unopened letters scattered over the desk, several of which Nikola let his eyes linger on. They were from Watson - but of course they were, the old man had never acquainted himself with modern technology. Indeed, it would not be a stretch to presume that they were written with a quill dipped in some stained inkwell better suited to a museum.

A sharp 'crack' broke the silence as Mr Whitechapel materialised in front of him. Oh, but this was going to be an interesting night after all.